1. They are going to drive to  New York tomorrow morning.
2. I hope the weather will be (be) nice.
3. I offered him this job. I think he will take (take) it.
4. I promise I will not tell (not tell) your secret to anyone.
5. Take your umbrella with you. It is going to rain (rain).
6. They are going to play (play) cards this evening.
7. I am going (go) to the cinema tomorrow.
8. They are going to fly (fly) to Seattle next summer holidays.
9. I will invite (invite) 50 people to the party, and I hope everyone will come (come).
10. That exercise looks difficult. I will help (help) you.
11. Is he going (go) to the football match?
12. Are you sure they will win (win) the match?
13. She will probably stay (stay) till Thursday.
14. He will not leave (not leave) tomorrow.
15. We think he will come (come) home late in the night.


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