Magic bird

Պատասխանիր հարցերին

  1. What did the man have?
  2. The man have got a bird.
  3. Did the wife take care of a bird?
  4. No, the wife didn’t take care of a bird.
  5. Where did the man go and why?
  6. The man went to the shop to buy bread, salt and butter.
  7. What did he put on?
  8. The man put the warm trousers, boots, sweater, overcoat and warm cup.
  9. Was the bird hungry and thirsty, when the man was away?
  10. Yes, the man was away.
  11. Where was the bird?
  12. The bird was at home.
  13. What did the bird give a man?
  14. The bird was give a man basket.
  15. What did the wife do?
  16. The wife was threw it out of the window.
  17. Can you describe /նկարագրել/ the wife?
  18. The wife is a very evil.









My summer holidays

In  summer I will play with my friends and cousins. I like play very much.

I will go to  Sevan lake, and I will go to my grannies home. I will eat ice-cream and sweets. But I will read the books and do homework also. I will go to the forest and travel.



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