In the picture one I see  hot summer. In the picture two I see  white window. In the  picture three I see beautiful spring.  In the picture four I see yellow autumn.



I like window and summer. Because window is beauthiful, and in the window my birthday. I like summer certainly because in the summer starts summer holidays!





The dog and the cat were friends. The dog had a bone. One day the dog wanted  to go to the kindegarden and said to the cat. I go to the kindegarden,  look after for my bone please. Yes said the cat. And dog went kindegarden.  The cat eat the bone. When the dog returned home, he said. Were? is my bone.  I don’t know said the cat. Well, We eat the spaghetti today, said the dog. No,  I don’t want spaghetti, said the cat.

The dog thought and said. Well, but you are hungry, I have a cake, you like  cakes, said the dog. I like  cakes but, I don’t want a cake now, said the cat.

I know you eat my bone said the dog. Sorry  said the cat.

The dog  looked at the cat with silens.


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