My school


I learn in Eastern school of Mekhitar Sebastatsi educational complex. I like my school. It is very big. My teachers are kind. There are many classrooms in my school. In every classroom there are computer, plants, many tables and chairs. We try to make our school more beautiful and comfortable, but I don’t like one thing. I don’t like my school’s partitions from glass, these are very dangerous.

My school named by Mekhitar Sebastatsi, in 1989. First of all, because  Bangladesh was an island in Yerevan like an island of San Lazzaro near Venice. The Second, our teacher’s unity look like at Order of Mekhitarist. Third, our director respects Mekhitar Sebastatsi very much.


Mekhitar Sebastatsi’s name is Manuk.

The Mekhitarist Order is situated on the Island San Lazzaro in Venice.

They compare Mekhitar Sebastatsi with St. Grigor Illuminator and Mesrob Mashtots.


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